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Train hard, fight easy

Soke Andy McGill 10th Dan has been learning and teaching martial arts for over 40 years. Soke Andy McGill has trained in 178 different martial arts and has fifteen blackbelts in different arts.

Andy McGill Kenpo Kwai International

Kenpo Kwai International has a worldwide reputation, and regularly takes students to various International martial arts seminars across Europe and has hosted in England some of the greatest gatherings of martial artists that Europe (and indeed the world) has ever seen, and has done so for the last 35 years. We go to many countries to train with International martial arts masters, including Soke Andy McGill from England 10th Dan Kenpo Kwai International and masters from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Poland, Luxembourg, Russia, Ukraine, Turkistan, Hungary, Czech, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, Slovakia, Greece, Sri Lanka and the USA.

So what makes Kenpo Kwai style so different?

Kenpo Kwai International techniqueOur Kenpo is a very straight forward way to learn self defence. The basics can be learnt quite quickly. It is practical and designed for devastating workability; we develop and use the hands and feet equally to meet the student’s ability. There is nothing practiced in Kenpo that will not be used in an actual ‘real life’ situation, unlike other styles where you can spend valuable hours learning a set routine like a dance that has no practical use whatsoever. Our style is characterised by its fluid grace, lightning speed, versatility and awesome effectiveness.

Jeff Speakman the star of the Kenpo film, ‘PERFECT WEAPON’ amongst others, was taught Kenpo by Ed Parker in America, who also taught Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee [who was profoundly influenced by the style] Jeff stated that Kenpo is the ‘SCIENCE OF STREET FIGHTING’.

Train the mind and temper the body

Kenpo Kwai International techniqueIn Kenpo we use our brains as well as our brawn. We learn how to use our minds as well as our bodies, success in all forms of conflict, from the school playground, to the boardroom, and especially the street, is about keeping a cool head when all around you people are losing theirs.